City Cab 2019 Honda Odyssey Taxi

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Author: ninjanoobslayer

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A New White Van for Your Taxi Needs

The white City Cab series derives its inspiration from International taxi fleets. Thus, it has a more diverse fleet than the rest of my color series. This is the fifth color of my multicolor taxi series designed to complement CIMTaxi. As a plus, the color-variant taxis now carry a medallion, and you can treat them as companions to CIMTaxi.

The Odyssey is a super nice van. While it’s not common as a taxi, it doesn’t hurt to give your Cims a plushy ride on their way to the airport.

Use Service Vehicle Selector to set taxi vehicles types for your CIMTaxi depots or for any other depot.

Use Invisible Spawn Points to fine tune your spawning and create more realistic depots!


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Model Information

2502 Tris
Textures 1024 x 1024
CIMTaxi Depot

Purchased model. Edited to add on taxi sign

All stats are the same as the default taxi. Use Advanced Vehicle Options Mod to change it to fit your needs.


Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Cities: Skylines - After Dark