Traffic Lights

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Author: clus

Last revision: 23 Mar at 10:49 UTC

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Traffic Lights


Hello all together !

I decided to create some traffic lights for my roads … and here they are.
I wanted to have something with the possibility to individualize the roads and that´s
not possible with the vanilla traffic lights.

I know that I am "forcing" you to use these props instead of the vanilla one´s
but you´re still free to decide wether you want to use my roads or not. 😉
Therefore I think, that my descion was the right one.:)

There might also the possibility that i`ll update some already existing roads to
these traffic lights … if that´s the case, then I´ll of course mark that asset on top
of it´s description.

Btw. the first road that will use these traffic lights can be seen on the pictures.
I hope that it´ll be ready to upload tomorrow.

Save RAM:

About the Models

The package currently consists of 63 different traffic lights. There are different
types for LHD and RHD.

They´re obviously tris – heavier than the vanilla traffic, but way lighter than the vanilla
barrel – pallet. 😉

They´re also sorted in a certain system.

If any other creator wants to use them, then´ll contact me. I can then provide
additional informations about the modes and the naming system etc.
I´ll save the space within the assets description until then … and my time as well. 😛
The process of importing (which I did twice) took already ages …

Forgotten thoughts

I´ll add them when they are back … 😉


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That would be very much appreciated !!! 🙂

For further questions and comments use the comment function below the asset.

If you find issues, mistakes etc. feel free to comment them as well …

And if you want to buy me a cup of coffee to keep me awake during the long night shifts
you can do that here …cup of coffee…[] only if you want of course. 😉
All assets are for free and will stay for free. 🙂

Plus, suggestions for other road types or whatever, are always welcome ! 🙂

Wíth best regards