Pine Scrub Pack

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Author: Greyflame

Last revision: 1 May at 19:17 UTC (1)

File size: 10.98 MB

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This is a pack of 11 unique pine scrub assets ranging from tiny bushes to small stunted trees. These are built from the same pieces as my pine forest pack and will go well with it. They also stand well alone as brush for shorelines, mountains, or decorative gardens.

2020 5 1 Update

* Overhauled every model. Better polygon management and smoother trunks.
* Smaller 512×256 texture for trees, shared.
* Smaller 256×128 texture for bushes, shared.
* Fixed many mesh errors
* Improved shading on branch billboards
* Snowfall compatible.
* Minimized sway to a more realistic level.
* Replaced Pine Scrub Bush 03 with a new model because it was apparently identical to Bush 02.

Note that the workshop screenshots still reflect the older versions. I’ll update them soon.


– The 7 trees use a 512 x 256 texture; diffuse, normal, alpha. This is the same texture as the smaller pine trees, or the low tri pine trees, for double the LSM savings.

– The 4 bushes use a 256 x 128 texture; diffuse, normal, alpha.

– All 11 assets share two textures, so you’ll get a lot of mileage from Loading Screen Mod with this pack.

– Tri counts range from about 600 for the thickest tree down to about 20 for the smallest bush.

– Use Forest Brush Mod to get a nice distribution. I recommend brushing in the bushes and trees separately. Turn up the density for a good woodsy feel, just be careful because these will eat up your tree count.

– No surprise, Tree LOD Fix is strongly recommended.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.