Low-Tri Filler Pine Pack

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Author: Greyflame

Last revision: 30 Apr at 02:32 UTC (1)

File size: 3.92 MB

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This is a pack of 4 unique pine tree assets. These are designed with small texture sizes and bare-minimum tri count so they can be packed in tight without taxing your computer too much. You can use them to fill gaps between more detailed trees, or use them on their own if your computer struggles with more detailed assets.

These are basically inspired by Pdelmo’s ultra low tri trees; I thought it would be good to have a pack that fit the rest of my pine set.

2020 4 29 Update

* Improved shading on branch billboards. No more weird shadows.
* Snowfall compatible.
* Minimized sway to a more realistic level.

Note that the workshop screenshots still reflect the older versions. I’ll update them soon.


– 256 x 512 texture; diffuse, normal, alpha.

– All 4 assets share the same texture, so you’ll benifit from Loading Screen Mod with this pack.

– Tri counts range between about 100 and 200.

– Use Forest Brush Mod to get a nice distribution. I recommend painting in the smaller trees first, then adding patches of the taller ones.

– No surprise, Tree LOD Fix is strongly recommended.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.