Alstom AGV – Italo V2.0 (7Cars)

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V2.0 – NTV Italo
Alstom offers the AGV in configurations from seven to fourteen carriages, seating 245 to 446 persons. The trains are constructed from units comprising three cars (each with one transformer and two traction electronics packages located underneath the cars) and single-car driver-trailers. The maximum commercial speed is 360 km/h.

Technical Details
  • MaGiCaLLy optimized: Use LSM to optimize loading times and RAM use.
  • UNCOMPRESSED: First asset that utilises Electrix’ Decompress mod, that removes the artefacts and pixelation.
  • Smart, Prima and Club cars.
  • 60 passenger per car
  • 320km/h
  • Custom LOD
  • Detailed roof, windows
  • High quality headlights

Station Length Compatibility

Workshop stations.


Asset is made via Decompress mod, that maintains asset textures UNCOMPRESSED. While this removes artefacts, pixelation and full color spectrum, it also adds up filesize. Thus, you are free to keep old versions and not to subscribe.
Old version:

Recommended Mods

Improved Public Transport 2, in order to assign this train set to your train lines,
Additive Shader, for glass headlight covers.

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