Grand River: Remastered

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Author: SanditeSpartan117

Last revision: 12 May at 07:36 UTC

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This Is Grand River

This map is a complete overhaul of the base-game map, Grand River. The old map came with the game purchase, but I was never intrigued by the vanilla maps, so I decided to remaster every single one.

This map requires Mass Transit because I honestly dislike having a 3-lane highway running through vast open plains…
I will not make a 100% vanilla version, sorry folks =(
Get Mass Transit anyways, you’re missing out!



  • European theme/map
  • 82% buildable area
  • heavy oil and fertile regions, small ore veins
  • 4 highway connections
  • 4 rail connections
  • 2 air connections
  • 1 sea connection
  • build time ~45 hours


Some Info

This map somewhat resembles the base-game map. Although the map is called Grand River, I put in two other tributaries to feed the main river to add some interest. The terrain boasts in flatness, but still broken up in sections to add some variety. The main start area is all mainly flat and can host a large city center.
This version looks much different from the vanilla map, since it is mostly flat. For some reason, the hills and low mountains weren’t doing it for me, so I completely scrapped them and broke up the region in many places via canyons and mesas. You could say this map somewhat resembles a steppe, or semi-arid climate.

Since the player can’t really paint the terrain, I used the resources to give my desired effect of a semi-arid climate. With that said, there is a ton of oil and fertile land on the mesas and plateaus. I am aware that fertile land is usually located in the valleys, but it did not yield a good result having fertile land with thick forests. I wanted to keep as many trees as possible to help keep the valleys super green! There are small fertile areas along the river fronts to help give that realism back. If you want bigger fertile regions near the rivers, you will have to use the Extra Landscaping Tools mod to paint them down.


This map can be played with either all 25 vanilla tiles, or all 81 tiles. I honestly recommend playing with at least all 25 vanilla tiles, this map is very large!

The old bunkers are back-lit with red lights to help make them stand out a bit more at night. Just a small bit of detail for those of you that noticed 😉

Switzerland, by Yours Truly

Relight, tonemapping:
brightness – 1.0
gamma – 0.8
contrast – 0.7

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit