Contemporary Main Street with Bicycle Lanes

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Author: Urbanist

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Get the variant without bicycle lanes too!

Contemporary main street with bicycle lanes ideal for downtown/uptown/midtown revitalization projects and redeveloped docklands districts.
Works best with wall-to-wall or street-facing buildings like the awesome Modern Condo collection by Smilies featured in the screenshots.
Inspired by Hay Street and Murray Street in Perth, Australia.

  • Map theme asphalt driving lanes, green bicycle lanes, and herringbone blue-grey brick parking spaces
  • Broken white line by default, change road name to enable continuous white line (rebuild road to revert to default)
  • Tiled concrete sidewalks with modern pedestrian-scale lighting
  • Accessible curb ramps with tactile pavement at pedestrian crossings
  • Curb extensions at junctions make for safer, shorter pedestrian crossings
  • Bus bulb with tree grates, benches and shelter (thanks to Clus – check out his awesome roads!) extends the curb to prioritize public transit over cars
  • Find in small roads category
  • Ground level only – use other roads for bridges and tunnels
  • 16 m (2 tiles) wide, two-way, two lanes, speed limit 40 km/h
  • Compatible with Network Skins – but changing tree spacing will not change tree grate spacing

I make roads because I enjoy the work, and I don’t expect anything in return, but if you like my work and want to support me, please consider making a small donation at PayPal[]

Contemporary Main Street with Bicycle Lanes by Urbanist