UK Electrical Substation #1

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Author: rik4000

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UK Electrical Substation #1

This is a small UK style electrical substation, these are often found around housing & industrial estates throughout the UK (well they are near me anyway). This is functional and works as an electricity source.

I have left the asset blank to give you more decorative freedom. The following mods are highly recommended to get the best out of these assets:

* Move It!
* Plop The Growables
* Find It
* Prop & Tree Anarchy
* Prop Precision

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Building Stats

Size: 1×1
Service: Electricity

Where is this found in game?

This building is located in the Electricity category.

Do these assets require any props?

No, this is now up to you to decorate.

Model Info:
  • 117 Polys
  • 289 Tris
  • 1024 x 1024 Texture res (diffuse, Normal, Specular,)
  • Custom LOD (30 tris)

Additional Info & Thanks:

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