Metro with ped tunnel access! MetroPed_S-2P_V2

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Compatible with CS 1.13.0-f8 (Sunset Harbor)

  • 2 platforms (-18m)
  • pedestrian tunnel connections (-12m, -18m)
  • works alone or combined with other MetroPed stations, creating metro hubs.
  • size on ground = 1×1, empty square.
  • Placement is RoadSide
  • template used is vanilla Metro Station, scaled 0.001. Almost double stats, less noise

You have to do this
  • Draw missing ped tunnels to connect platforms. See screenshot 4. If I draw them in asset editor, several pink connections break.
  • Link at least one connection point to surface. Ped path, for now.
  • Embrace the anarchy way sometimes. Building Anarchy, Road Anarchy etc.

Recommended placement method

Not mandatory, but it’s better than level land in the middle of your city.

  • find empty land, level it very very very flat, draw a road and place the station
  • check the pink connections. The station has to look like in the screenshot with correct/wrong placement
  • use Move It and export/import or just move it

MetroPed Hubs
  • place 2 stations and link them with ped tunnels. Go to surface with at least one ped tunnel…duh…
  • use Move It to create MetroPed Hubs with stations at different levels. Rotate, go deep etc.

I hope you like it. An use it. And rate it!

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