BIG Suburbs Style

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Author: TehFocus

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BIG Suburbs Style for hockenheim95’s new Suburbia Modpack.
This is ONLY a district style for usage with the Building Themes mod or the vanilla games district style feature!

If you encounter any issues with the buildings, go to the following site, this is only a district style and does not include any buildings, streets or props.

You NEED the dependencies in order to use this style:
If you do not want to decorate everything yourself, you also NEED to subscribe to the prop collection:

This style ONLY contains low residential growables. If you use any different area markings, there won’t spawn any buildings.
I suggest using the "Building Themes" Mod in order to customize this theme to your liking, adding shops and what not.

I used the original Thumbnail from hockenheim95 and edited it. Credits to the original go to him.