Gateless Entrances Parklife Paths as Roads

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Author: Chamëleon

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Gateless Entrances Parklife Paths as Roads by Chamëleon

Thanks to M-ito for his Gateless Park Entrances Set . From these I picked 4 to bring them to you with Parklife Pathes as Roads

This Pack includes now the 4 Parklife Pathes as Roads as a gateless park area entrance. Each of these are available in Main Gate and Side Gate Version. The Side-Gate uses a oneway road, the Main Gate is a two way version.

Just place it two squares away from road and connect it with the same road from Parklife Pathes as Roads

Take care: You can’t upgrade existing Main Gates from Parks with this as you will lose everything you already have reached with an exchange of the Maingate. But at least you could add a Side Gate from this Pack to your existing park.

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Cities: Skylines - Parklife
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