25 Telegram Mews Toronto

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Author: fayeddd

Last revision: 13 Oct at 06:20 UTC

File size: 4.15 MB

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This was a masterpiece work by Monty for Cities XL and now I am bringing it into CSL.
Check Monty’s CXL collection here http://xlnation.city/resources/authors/monty.3/.

Yeah please enjoy!

About The Asset

The asset is created with ‘next level’ illumination maps and LOD support.

Triangles: around 5000Triangles / LOD: around 200 Triangles
Maps: 2048×512 / LOD: 512x

The asset can be found in the ‘Unique Building’ category. Use ‘find it’ with keyword "25 Telegram Mews".


You can use this asset for free since I do it for a hobby.
Dont forget to leave comment, rate and follow my workshop for more great buildings!

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