Chinese Corridor Network (Southern Style)

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Author: Emperor Li

Last revision: 15 Jul at 22:09 UTC

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The covered corridor of the Humble Administrator’s Garden [] in Suzhou, China.
It works like the normal in-game pedestrian path with elevated, bridge segment. Ground and elevated segment have long side benches. Bridge segment has low wood railings instead, like the "Flying Rainbow Bridge" in the Humble Administrator’s Garden. I recommend using Fine Road Tool to manually place ground, elevated, bridge or "tunnel" path.
There is no railing at the node. You can use my Chinese Wood Fence if you want to fill the gap.
It’s not perfect though and might look weird when building complicated junctions or curve with sharpe angle.

Ground Segment 1082
Ground Segment LOD 430
Ground Segment Bend Section 754
Ground Segment Bend Section LOD 246
Elevated Segment 1082
Elevated Segment LOD 430
Elevated Segment Bend Section 854
Elevated Segment Bend Section LOD 294
Bridge Segment 1730
Bridge Segment LOD 430
Bridge Segment Bend Section 1390
Bridge Segment Bend Section LOD 378

All Texture 512×1024, LOD 128×256
Ground and elevated share the same texture.

Tags: southern chinese architecture, pavilion, Suzhou, classical Chinese garden, China, UNESCO, 中國傳統建築, 中国传统建筑, 中式, 中國園林, 中国园林, 亭, 蘇州, 苏州, 江南, 聯合國教科文組織世界文化遺產, 联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产

by Emperor Li

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