Central Europe Map 2.0

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Author: Baki

Last revision: 13 Oct at 15:20 UTC

File size: 3.89 MB

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Central Europe Map by Baki

LUT: Satellite
Map Theme: Realistic V1.4.5 European with Springwood mix made with Theme Mixer 2, mix as you see fit.
Daylight Classic: All to After Dark.
Water from Monaco Map Theme.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit
Required items:

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81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+)Steam Workshop
Daylight ClassicSteam Workshop
Hardwood Tree PackSteam Workshop
Western Red CedarsSteam Workshop
Fallen Pines Prop PackSteam Workshop
Pine Scrub PackSteam Workshop
Pine Forest PackSteam Workshop
Low-Tri Filler Pine PackSteam Workshop
Mini FPS BoosterSteam Workshop
Pine TreeSteam Workshop
Forest Beech PackSteam Workshop
Generic Tree packSteam Workshop
Hedge Yew Prop PackSteam Workshop
LantanaSteam Workshop
Linden TreesSteam Workshop
Norfolk Island PineSteam Workshop
Norway Spruce 2Steam Workshop
OakTreeSteam Workshop
Pin OakSteam Workshop
Young TreesSteam Workshop
Wild HedgesSteam Workshop
White Birch TreeSteam Workshop
Weeping Silver BirchSteam Workshop
The Shady BushSteam Workshop
Silver Birch 2Steam Workshop
Forest Brush v1.3Steam Workshop
Mod Compatibility CheckerSteam Workshop
TM:PE v11.5.0 LABS (Traffic Manager: President Edition)Steam Workshop
Fences Pack - Concrete HighwaysSteam Workshop
Wooden Pergola(2 styles)Steam Workshop
Beech_TreeSteam Workshop
Fern ClusterSteam Workshop
Western HemlocksSteam Workshop
Forest Floor PatchSteam Workshop
Grass bloomSteam Workshop
Winter Alder Tree PackSteam Workshop
Improved HedgesSteam Workshop
JuniperSteam Workshop
Leafy Tree SetSteam Workshop
Leafy Tree by pdelmoSteam Workshop
Alder Tree PackSteam Workshop
Leafy_Tall Forest TreeSteam Workshop
Autumn Alder Tree PackSteam Workshop
Old Leafy TreeSteam Workshop
PineBushSteam Workshop
PinesSteam Workshop
Douglas Fir Forest PackSteam Workshop
Ultra low tri treesSteam Workshop
Wild Bush PlantsSteam Workshop
Cluster of green ShrubsSteam Workshop
Network Extensions 2 (Updated for Sunset Harbor)Steam Workshop
Loading Screen ModSteam Workshop
No SeagullsSteam Workshop