Cedar Drive Junior Public School

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Cedar Drive Junior Public School is an elementary school in Toronto Ontario Canada. The school opened in 1970 and was constructed in the standard concrete box style that was popular at the time (the Board Cube era); the school has since been expanded twice. The first expansion came sometime in the 1990’s when a new large wing was added to the school. This addition would include a new gym for the school (the old gym is now used as the schools cafeteria). Sometime in the early 2010’s the school was expanded once more with a small addition to the rear of the original building.

The facility itself is quite large featuring 32 standard classrooms, 4 Kindergarten rooms, 1 Double Gym with stage, Cafeteria, and Library

Cost to Build: $18,000
Upkeep: $280
Size: 10×9
Student Population: 800