Pier Font

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Author: cbudd

Last revision: 12 Apr, 2021 at 19:59 UTC

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Ever felt like writing a story in CS? Well now you can!

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Made specifically for my Wharfs, although you can use them everywhere you want.
Having them free standing might be an issue because they have a one-sided LoD.

Requested by LemonsterOG and Chamëleon

Tris/Tris LoD
Texture Size/Texture Size LoD

All assets use the same diffuse texture.


Google Maps location: HERE [www.google.de] The sign that were used as inspiration can be found on the wharf’s front side. A few of them use the same style, that’s how I got the idea.

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cbudd, font, letters, numbers, text, sign, billboard, maritime, sleek, modern, black, white, contrast