Lazy River Station

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Water Park 1

Create the Water Park of your dreams with ‘Water Park 1’ in Cities: Skylines! A fully customisable asset pack to create your own unique and functional Water Slides, Pools, Lazy River and more.

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I would recommend watching my Video Guide on YouTube to help better understand the assets, to learn how to use them, and for some tips and techniques on usage. It’s the easiest way to learn about the assets.

Steam Workshop Guide for Water Park 1 if you prefer written format:

Lazy River Station

The Lazy River assets have been created using the in-game ‘ferry’ functionality. This will allow citizens to take the lazy river as a form of public transport.

– Lazy River networks have replaced Canal Networks.
– Lazy River Stations have replaced Ferry Stops.
– Lazy River Depot has replaced Ferry Depot.
– Cims travelling on the Lazy River have replaced Ferry vehicles.

We will be setting the Lazy River up (in theory) in a similar way as we would a standard ferry service, just with a few special assets and tricks to have them functioning correctly.

To learn more about the Lazy River and the process to create them please see the Lazy River Guide.


  • Lazy River Station (Ferry stop)
  • Lazy River Depot (Ferry depot)
  • Lazy River Vehicle which looks like cims (Ferry)
Recommended Mods

1. Network Anarchy – To use canal networks in close proximity to others.
2. Loading screen mod – To share image textures
3. First Person Camera v2.2.0 – To take a first/third person trip on your Lazy River
4. Improved Public Transport 2 – To add more vehicles to your route.

How to use and FAQ

To learn more about the Lazy River, the process to create them and for frequently asked questions, please see the Lazy River Guide.

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