SMC Large Regional Hospital

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Author: Basco81

Last revision: 25 Jan, 2023 at 20:18 UTC

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Skylines Medical Center Large Regional Hospital by Basco81

What it is

This is a large General Hospital with a modern look, branded as Skylines Medical Center.
It comes with an emergency entrance and a goods and facility services building attached with a bridge.
It also has a large oxygen tank on the backside and helipad.
It has a large capacity, but because it hasn’t as much beds as the original CS Hospital, it is a bit cheaper.
30 ambulances can be spawned into a large service area.
For the best effect; Place it on a flat surface.

Game Stats

Footprint: 16×6
Cost to Construct: 45000
Cost to Maintain: 10000
Water consumption: 640m3/wk
Electricity Consumption:1440kW
Garbage accumulation: 256units/wk
Sewage accumulation: 640m3/wk

Ambulances: 30
Curing Rate: 30
Health Care Radius: 1500
Patient Capacity: 400


MESH 5449 triangles
Textures 1024 x 1024
Maps: Diffuse, Normal, Illumination, Alpha, Specular

LOD 438 triangles
Texture 128 x 128
Maps: Diffuse, Alpha


I use the Building Spawn Points 1,2,3 mod for changing the spawn point and let ambulances arrive at the ambulance entrance.


Ethereum (ERC-20) (and all ethereum blockchain ERC-20 tokens)



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