Kaukaz Bratsk Garbage Dump truck

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Authors: cash, Dysto-Guy

Last revision: 7 Apr, 2023 at 08:09 UTC

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“This bad boy burns through as much fuel per hour as you’d need to heat an entire megablock. And let’s face it – it’s big and ugly as a megablock, too. “

Lore :

The Soviets may not produce world-class supercars, luxury sedans or cozy family cars, but their military-grade vehicles are second to none. Anyone who has had the pleasure of sitting behind the wheel of a Kaukaz Bratsk can attest. This behemoth of Soviet engineering wields a gargantuan engine but, despite its enormous size, can be piloted smoothly in damn near any conditions with a tank in tow. The disadvantages? It can’t fit on city roads… And it smokes like a tire fire.

Requirements :

Prop anarchy : the light submesh (of the tail light or the number plate) require additive shader contained within this mod, and you should have it anyway.
Loading screen mod : All asset share the same texture, this mod allow to charge only once the same texture so it reduce performance impact, it’s a must have mod outside this asset.


Keywords : Props, sci-fi, dystopian, futurist, futuristic, science-fiction, cyberpunk 2077, street, decoration, oil industry, heavy duty, blade runner, Dysto-Guy

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Required items:

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Prop Anarchy temporary fixSteam Workshop
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