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AVENDORALDERA, a Vanilla map, No DLC



Tectonic uplift mountains define the region of Avendoraldera that includes a bay with beaches, rivers, lakes, forests, and farmlands. The map provides the tools for a fast start to your city while retaining challenges to developing the area. And there is a story, as told below. A "like" 👍 is free!



The theme is Cedar Valley 4K by Mark Fire. The LUT is Cold Embrace by creativeDEX.. If you wish a warmer climate try Hot Desert LUT by creativeDEX. The theme is highly recommended.

Photographs used Render It! by Keallu, AD Cloud Replacer by neinnew/네인 , and 8K AD Clouds Pack 02 by TDB mods. Resources paint the farmlands but are available elsewhere. A monument is a speciat feature near the castle in this vanilla map.

Avendoralda is playable without the Theme and LUT named but it won’t look as designed. If starting without the named theme you may safely ignore the warning message.

See Popular Discussions below, if you want Tree Brush and Render It! settings used. By the way, a "like" 👍 helps visibility of the map



Electric: A hydroelectric dam is outside the 25 tiles. Expect one initial wave from the dam that soon settles down. Avendoraldera provides over 1000kw to the start square.

Water/Sewer: Water pumps attached to the dam provide 360k cubic meters. A 480k cubic meter wastewater treatment system is in the edge fog. Water/sewer lines extend into the start square.



Highways: 4/4 All roads and intersections function properly. Some dirt roads require a short connection to join the system.

Trains: 4/4 All rails connect and function as intended.

Ships: 3/4: One path has a bridge with sufficient height for passenger and cargo ships. All other bridges have clearances for ferries.

Planes : 4/4: Air routes form two separate arcs across the map.

Props: 3,283/65,531

Trees: 212,381/262,144

Fish: 4/4 All species available if using the Sunset Harbor DLC



Robert Jordan’s first book of the 15 books in "The Wheel of Time" series appeared in 1990. Following his death, Brandon Sanderson, in conjunction with Jordan’s widow and following Jordan’s notes and storyline, completed the final books of the series in 2012. There is now a Prime Video series. This Avendoraldera (AH-ven-doh-ral-DEH-rah) is my map extension of one thread in the fabric of an epic fantasy exceeding four million words.



When in 566 NE the Aiel, the people of the Waste, befriended the people of Cairhien they gave the "wetlanders" an extraordinary gift – a sapling from Avendesora which translated from the old tongue means "The Tree of Life." Few know the actual location of Avendesora and no record exists of any connection to the Aiel. Avendoraldera is that mature sapling.

In 976 NE, overcome with pride, King Laman of Cairhien cut down Avendoraldera to fashion a unique throne. That act started the Aiel War and four tribes of the Aiel crossed the Spine of the World, looted and destroyed Laman’s castle and its contents. The Aiel made war across Andor and Tear for two years in pursuit of King Laman.

The written record says the Aiel met defeat at the Battle of the Shining Walls outside Tar Valon, but the truth is that after killing King Laman in that battle, the Aiel simply quit the field and recrossed the Spine. The common belief is that this part of the tale ends there.


Avendoraldera was displayed at the top of a tree-rimmed monument built by the Ogier, a non-human race of near-giants who are the finest stonemasons. Many people still consider the Ogier to be just a legend. A few Ogier possess the talent of "wood singing" and Avendoraldera was "sung wood."

Avendoraldera was destroyed and is no longer on display, but many now apply the name to this region of Cairhien. Unknown but to a small race, somewhat resembling Druids, there exists a sapling from Avendoraldera. This unnamed tree matures under their care until a worthy city builder renews the region enough to safely reveal this descendent of Avendoraldera. And who knows? Perchance the Ogier will return to sing to that tree!



I always refresh my mapmaking skills before starting another map. Special thanks to these listed:

Watch Bonbonb, the mapmakers top supporter, at:

Watch Bringer of Fire, master mapmaking videos,



I hope you enjoy the map and please consider rating it! This is my first vanilla map – about time! It is fully hand drawn and detailed for 81 tiles.

Avendoraldera does not require you to retain any special features for the map to function.Please keep in mind that features provided in the basic map, if deleted, won’t reappear by undeleting.

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