Port Saint Claere

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Author: Black Fire

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Welcome to Port Saint Claere!

Well… It took me almost 5 years to get my new map published. I had to deal with some pretty hard design and technical issues. E.g. I had big problems because the elevations of some roads in the editor and in the game didn’t behave consistently. And I couldn’t export my modified tunnel entrances (prodedual objects) also, which would avoid collisions with trains.
But now it’s finished and I had a lot of fun building this map. I hope you will like it πŸ™‚

What is special about this map?
* This is clearly a fantasy map.
* There are very high and sharp mountains to create a tropical Hawaii feeling. But there are also more than enough flat areas to build a mega city.
* There are very complex bridges in very steep terrain with multi-level roads.
* The scenic roads, bridges and intersections are mostly built on or even in the mountains. The goal was to have a very interesting road network, but to save as much space as possible for building the city.
* Several dams at the edge of the map are providing 3200MW green energy for your starting tile.

Of course there are the "Black Fire Standard Features" on this map as well.
* Map can be played with 9 tiles, but is optimized for 25 tiles or more
* Extensive road and rail system to start with.
* Maximum number of incoming and outgoing connections (4x road, 4x train, 4x ship, 2x plane).
* All resources available
* Intermediate map
* Many beautiful places with a breathtaking view of your city

For Port Saint Claere <Assets Collection> click here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3008822990

Attention. Building bridges in such steep terrain with multi-level roads is very tricky. So if you are not very experienced in using road building mods – don’t touch the bridges ! πŸ˜€

Special thanks to bsquiklehausen, J108560, Jerenable, BloodyPenguin, Simon Ryr, Quboid, Sleepy and of course MrMaison. Your mods and assets were crucial to make this map!

Thank you to ALL the modders who play an integral part in making Cities Skylines such a great game! Your great work always spurs me on to make an even better map the next time I create one.

Have fun playing!
Your Black Fire