Hood River, Oregon – Remastered

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Experience the natural beauty of the region surrounding Hood River, Oregon – nestled along the Pacific Northwest’s cascade mountain range and Columbia River gorge. Formed by significant volcanic activity and massive floods at the end of the last ice age 15,000-19,000 years ago as the glaciers melted, the banks of the river formed stunning 4,000 ft (1,200 m) sheer faces. This faithful 1:1 recreation of the area utilizes USGS heightmaps and local knowledge of the valley for all to enjoy the natural wonders to be found within.

This map expands from Mosier OR to the edge of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, including White Salmon WA in the north and Odell OR in the south. Running south to north is the Hood River, fed from snow runoff off Hood Mountain.

Starting in current day downtown Hood River, how will you grow and expand into the region? Is the area destined to become a metropolis rivaling Portland and Seattle to the West, or remain a small remote town on the banks of the Columbia River?

Be sure to subscribe to ALL items in the “Hood River One-Click Collection” above for the map to load correctly.

Items of the “Recommended Mods Collection” above are not required to run the map, BUT are highly recommended for visuals to match those seen in screenshots above.

Intersection marking tool, adaptive networks 3.18, and Traffic Manager are strongly recommended for custom lane markings integrated with the map. Render It, Tree Control 9.11.3, Sky Scapes, Custom Effect Loader, and Transparency LOD Fix + Cloud Assets are recommended for visual clarity. Loading Manager, Harmony 2.2.2, Patch Loader Mod 2.2.0 and FPS Booster are recommended for game performance. Be sure to enable recommended mods before loading and enjoy the natural beauty of the region!

Great detail was put into ALL roadways and regions. Custom road signs and intersection markings are added to recreate Oregonian and Washington road markings. Guardrails and barriers are located as found in real-life on all interstates and highways.

All major freeways, off-ramps, highways, bridges, and rail lines of the region are modeled including:
• The Interstate 84 (I-84) on the south bank of the Columbia river along the Oregon border, where remnants of the former U.S. Route 30 Historic Columbia River Highway (first paved in 1917) can be found.
• The Washington State Route 14 Lewis and Clark Highway (SR-14) travels on the Washington border along the northern bank of the Columbia river adjacent to its rail line.
• The famous Hood River – White Salmon Interstate Bridge, spanning the 4418 ft (1,400 m) expanse of the Columbia River and connecting the I-84 and Washington SR-14. Built in 1924, it is a major sightline connecting the towns of Hood River and White Salmon. *Currently missing its iconic draw bridge.
• Northern and southern rail lines running parallel to the Columbia River, in addition to lines running south along the Hood River.
• Route 35 and Route 281 traveling south to Hood Mountain, adjacent to the Hood River.

Tree type, density, and dispersion are reflective of micro-climates formed by the valley. Drier lands are found to the East, resulting in shorter and less dense forests. Intense winds traveling East from the coast cause large clearings near the banks of the river, while to the west is the massive evergreen coniferous forest that the Pacific Northwest is known for.

Resources can be found in realistic (and mostly accurate) locations. Air and shipping routes are also included as the Columbia River is home to significant waterborne shipment of agricultural goods (wheat, corn, soy), lumber, minerals, and other products.


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