Middle-Victorian Parkview Rowhouses – Standalone Versions

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Author: dudemeister

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Because of some loading duplication error, the original Middle-Victorian Parkview Rowhouse asset did not allow the standalone, single-tile-wide (with gap) iterations of the rowhouses to be shared. See picture #3 above for examples. In this subscription are two assets: 1×1 tile low residential assets titles Midatlantic_Victorian_18 and Midatlantic_Victorian_26. Subscribe to this asset for the individual rowhouses.

Where the mohd-ren superintendent lives!

Either of these glorious townhomes would proudly house the family of a burgeoning bourgeoisie! Two separate types, meant to sit side-by-side or a few feet apart, proudly posit upward mobility of their inhabitants. And with all the smoggy convenience of the city just outside the door!

Made to (with luck) be used by Gaseous Stranger in their fantastic Pittsburgh 1:1 recreation, found here on Youtube. I’ve been a miserly POS, and sat on these models (along with several other Pittsburgh rowhouses) for quite a while. You wouldn’t believe the travails of publishing an asset, especially with a new computer and a cross-country move under the belt.

Fortunately, the imitable Bungalow Man inspired a bit of gumption with their recent Victorian creation.


This is a charming Queen Anne-style Victorian rowhouse. They’re visually complex dream houses that make you appreciate your modest heating bill. These are a bit cozier than the standalone manors of the Gilded Age elite, but certainly respectable enough for any stopwatch-checking desk jockey to stow their brood.

It’s perfect for any industrial city’s urban core or streetcar suburbs and transit corridors. Obviously, these are based on Eastern/Midwest stock, but I have spotted almost the same in downtown Denver and olde Fort Worth’s fashionable districts. Maybe not tropically-oriented, but certainly soot-and-snow resistant.

This particular model is heavily based on these cookie-cutters[www.google.com] in Oakland Square Historic District in Pittsburgh, PA. Specifically, these are found right at the cliff’s edge along Parkview Avenue (hence the name).

Yes, the real-life versions have siding on the turret/gable, but in game I much preferred the look of pure brick. Forgive me the creative dissonance.

The cool thing is that there are not one, but TWO variations included in this asset! One turreted, one gabled, and a 4-tile-wide set of 5 that line up and share common walls. They look great standalone or pushed together in various combos and heights with MoveIt. For a combined, 4-tile-wide version of these assets with shared common walls, go here.

This subscription includes a 4-tile-wide set of 5 rowhouses (individuals in below link) that line up and share common walls. Because they are set up flat, the 4-tile-wide plot they grow should be flat or the asset will look weird. For individual version that you ccan manually place/change the height of, go here.

I’ll try like hell to get the other rowhouses out, but they require a bit of modding to add dormers (I use those included in the Euro Suburbia asset pack, but I’d imagine most lack this particular purchasable and would be unable to use them).

Recommended Assets

Pdelmo bushes (Regular Bushes), hockenheim95’s BIG pavement decals, an air con unit by Simulant for one of the second-story windows, a Wooden Fence, and some vanilla assets (roof vents) were used to decorate the lot. Because my danged asset list is so long, I can’t actually list the Wood Fence, but it’s the classic broken one by . Lacking these other subscriptions will do no harm.


Filenames: Midatlantic_Victorian_18 & Midatlantic_Victorian_26
Level 1 or 3 (maybe?) Residential
Tilesize: 1×1
Build Time: 0
Build Cost: 0
Color Variations: 4 ea (roofing mapped to change; unlock more colors with Painter Mod)
Main Models Tricount: 1293 (gabled version)
LOD Models Tricount: 48 (gabled version)
Main Models Tricount: 1686 (turreted version)
LOD Models Tricount: 78 (turreted version)
Main Models Textures: 1024×1024 (texture sharing enabled with Loading Screen Mod)
LOD Models Textures: 128×128
Alpha mapped, Normal mapped, Specular mapped, Illumination mapped, Color mapped, LOD mapped (texture, illumination, color)

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