Goth store and nightclub (with party hearse)

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Author: trist14222

Last revision: 23 May, 2017 at 06:02 UTC

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Happy belated World Goth Day!

To celebrate here’s a goth store and converted chapel nightclub for your subcultural cims, where the fog machine is running 24/7. Seems there isn’t a way to specifically programme darkly dressed cims in only (hmm future subculture DLC idea..) but dont be fooled, those cims shed their colourful clothing for latex and hairspray as soon as they’re inside.

loosly based on Vic Gothic, Melbourne, Australia’s main goth store, and a chapel a few streets away iv’e converted to a club with goth band posters along the side, as well as Bar Sinister in Los Angeles

1 hearse provided to shuffle your ‘undead’ cims into the nightclub

If you like these buildings and would like to support their creation with any amount at all, donations would be much appreciatedĀ