Makino Ceremony (牧野斎場)

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Author: christinayan

Last revision: 21 Dec, 2023 at 23:44 UTC

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Maki Ceremony by christinayan01.
Inspiration from Hiroshi Naito’s works "Tomitaro Makino Botanical Garden".
内藤廣氏の『牧野富太郎記念館 本館』を参考にした施設。通常の火葬場の2.5-3.0倍の能力です。

** Referenced building (参考にした実在の建物) **
Makino Museum of Plants and People / Hiroshi Naito (高知県立牧野植物園/内藤廣建築設計事務所).

Template : Building, Deathcare.
Tris : 1087. (LOD: )
Texture : 1024px Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Alpha, Illumination map.
Size : 8 x 6 grid.

** 3D model **
FBX file. Available free download on my website.
[Download] Makino Ceremony [Mesh] – ARCHITECTURE GRAVURE
【DL】牧野富太郎記念館【メッシュ】 – 建築グラビア*****