Bondeska palatset

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Author: norlin.martin

Last revision: 7 Feb at 16:22 UTC

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Made for my Sthlm1925 project where I recreate the capital of Sweden as it looked like in 1925.

Bondeska palatset ("The Bonde Palace") is a palace next to the House of Knights in Gamla stan, Stockholm. It was completed in 1673 for the baron and statesman Gustaf Bonde. Since 1939 it houses the Swedish Supreme Court.

This is a mini-pack with four pieces which can be assembled to the real H-shaped thing, or something else.
Template: Amsterdam palace for the main building, the three wing assets are props.

Tris are just under 4000 for the main building, wings are all below 1000. Lods are 90-700.

Everything uses the same 1k textures as my "Old town" packs.

Note: I discovered that I for some reason can’t change color of the wings. It probably depends on the template I used, but these things aren’t exactly very clear or documented. The real counterpart happens to be white, so I don’t really need to change it. But if you want to change the color, use the procedural object mod and turn the wings in to procedural objects.

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