Oudewater 1482

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Author: Jass

Last revision: 13 Aug, 2023 at 21:17 UTC

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This asset consist of two assets.

About the assets

The buildings are from 15th century and can be found in the small town of Oudewater.

I inspired them on these two buildings. they are not exact copies, but they have the same feel.
udewater is famous for the Heksenwaag (Witches’ scales). This Weighing house, an official town building, became famous at the height of the European witch trials of the 16th century because people accused of witchcraft were offered a fair chance to prove their innocence as opposed to many other places where the scales were rigged.

From all over Europe people made the journey to Oudewater to avoid prosecution. After the weighing, they received an official certificate proclaiming them not a witch. Nobody was ever found to be an actual witch in Oudewater, though the weighings were still a public spectacle. Certificates would state that "the body weight is in proportion to its build." The reasoning behind this is the old belief that a witch has no soul and therefore weighs significantly less than an ordinary person; this distinction would supposedly allow the witch to fly on a broomstick.

The Asset

Main: 2149
LOD: 212

Main: 2149
LOD: 212

Main: 2125
LOD: 178

Texture: D/A/N/I/S

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Thanks to Agganees for helping out with the screenshots!