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Author: Mamel

Last revision: 27 Nov, 2021 at 21:21 UTC

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This is my city Mahe.

I started it after watching Biffa’s Youtobe series "#Newtealand".
I have taken over his Mod’s list and don’t use any others.
I don’t have his objects and hardly any objects of my own.
Only a few trains and vehicles in higher resolution and skyscraper for the skyline.
And to make the city look even more realistic and to make it harder, i avoided roundabouts as much as possible.
I left all those already negotiated where they are.
I had to build 4 or 5 necessary roundabouts and another 3-4 to beautify places.
You are all invited to take a look how it turned out and to do a little tour through the city.

Mahe by Mamel

Required items:

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北京国贸三期A座,Beijing CWTC Tower III ASteam Workshop
宁波中心大厦B座,Ningbo Center BSteam Workshop
湖州长兴博物馆Steam Workshop
重庆广发银行Steam Workshop
02-parking lot 2x4 P241Steam Workshop
1966 Cadillac HearseSteam Workshop
1x2 ParkSteam Workshop
1x2 PlazaSteam Workshop
2016 Ford Fusion / MondeoSteam Workshop
2017 Chevrolet SuburbanSteam Workshop
2017 Dodge ChargerSteam Workshop
2017 Ford ExplorerSteam Workshop
2017 Ford Transit Cargo VanSteam Workshop
2017 Land Rover Range RoverSteam Workshop
2018 Chevrolet TahoeSteam Workshop
2018 Ford F250Steam Workshop
2018 Mercedes-Benz C-ClassSteam Workshop
2019 Porsche PanameraSteam Workshop
2020 Lincoln ContinentalSteam Workshop
2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 4MaticSteam Workshop
2x4 ParkSteam Workshop
2x4 PlayplazaSteam Workshop
2x4parkingSteam Workshop
2x4parkingSteam Workshop
3x4 ParkSteam Workshop
59 Maiden Lane - New York [RICO]Steam Workshop
Ability to ReadSteam Workshop
Achieve It!Steam Workshop
Advanced Vehicle OptionsSteam Workshop
Arid boulders packSteam Workshop
Automatic Bulldoze v2Steam Workshop
Automatic Pedestrian Bridge Builder V2.0 [Beta]Steam Workshop
Bare Tree BSteam Workshop
Bare Tree DSteam Workshop
Barge Pack (for Barges mod)Steam Workshop
Barges (Cargo Ferries)Steam Workshop
Bay Bridge Network - Draggable Double Deck Suspension BridgeSteam Workshop
Bentley Continental SS 2010Steam Workshop
Better HealthCare ToolbarSteam Workshop
Better Planes Pack | International Jets (PROPS INCLUDED) - 767, 777, 787, A330, A340Steam Workshop
Better Road ToolbarSteam Workshop
Big Decal Cargo YardSteam Workshop
BMW 325i (2002)Steam Workshop
BMW 5-Series Saloon (G30) Luxury LineSteam Workshop
BMW 5-Series Saloon (G30) M SportSteam Workshop
BMW E39 M5Steam Workshop
[RICO] 340_on_the_Park_V1_newSteam Workshop
[EV] Tesla Model XSteam Workshop
[EV] Tesla Model S P85DSteam Workshop
[EV] 2016 Audi A3 e-Tron ElectricSteam Workshop
[DEPRECATED] Touch This! Tool 4Steam Workshop
[DEPRECATED] Building Theme: University City Districts - Do not useSteam Workshop
Bombardier INNOVIA 300 Abstract (4Cars)Steam Workshop
Box truck with CIM logoSteam Workshop
Bridge AbutmentSteam Workshop
Bridge FenderSteam Workshop
Broken Trumpet InterchangeSteam Workshop
Building Spawn Points 1.4.1Steam Workshop
Building ThemesSteam Workshop
Café 3 x 4Steam Workshop
Campus ParksSteam Workshop
Cinematic Camera ExtendedSteam Workshop
City Towers - San Juan [RICO]Steam Workshop
CityBus DepotSteam Workshop
Clouds & Fog TogglerSteam Workshop
Coastal RocksSteam Workshop
Commuter Destination 0.5.0Steam Workshop
Concrete quaySteam Workshop
Container storage stacks - Large pack 1Steam Workshop
Container storage stacks - Large pack 2Steam Workshop
Container storage stacks - Large pack 3Steam Workshop
Container storage stacks - Large pack 4Steam Workshop
Coral floorSteam Workshop
Coral MixedSteam Workshop
Coral Reef BaseSteam Workshop
CR400AF“复兴号”高速动车组(High Speed train)Steam Workshop
Crimean bridgeSteam Workshop
CSL Map ViewSteam Workshop
Custom Effect LoaderSteam Workshop
D3S Mercedes-Benz Citaro G (O530) '2011Steam Workshop
Decal Prop Fix (deprecated)Steam Workshop
DHL TruckSteam Workshop
Doosan tower(Doota)Steam Workshop
DR Byen Station [MOM Edition]Steam Workshop
Dream Bay - Vanilla MapSteam Workshop
Dual Island Train Station ElevatedSteam Workshop
Eddie Stobart ScaniaSteam Workshop
Edificio Salvador DaliSteam Workshop
Elevated Metro station fixedSteam Workshop
Enhanced Outside Connections ViewSteam Workshop
Environment Changer (+ Improved Theme Selection )Steam Workshop
EU container trucks - Pack 1Steam Workshop
EU Container trucks - Pack 3Steam Workshop
EU container trucks - Pack 4Steam Workshop
EU container trucks - Pack 5Steam Workshop
Extra Landscaping ToolsSteam Workshop
Fallen Pines Prop PackSteam Workshop
FedEx TruckSteam Workshop
FedUp Delivery TruckSteam Workshop
Find It! 2 [BETA]Steam Workshop
Fine Road Anarchy - EndingSteam Workshop
Fine Road Tool - EndingSteam Workshop
First Person Camera: UpdatedSteam Workshop
Folsom TowerSteam Workshop
Forest Beech PackSteam Workshop
Forest Brush v1.3Steam Workshop
FPS BoosterSteam Workshop
Great Gas Scania (Oil Industry)Steam Workshop
Green Savannah Grass.Steam Workshop
Green Sunken Metro StationSteam Workshop
Hanking TowerSteam Workshop
Harmony 2.2.2-0 (Mod Dependency)Steam Workshop
Heineken TruckSteam Workshop
Hide It!Steam Workshop
Hide TM:PE Unconnected TracksSteam Workshop
Hide TMPE crosswalks V3.2 [stable]Steam Workshop
Holographic SquareSteam Workshop
Hongmi office building红米办公大厦Steam Workshop
Improved Content ManagerSteam Workshop
Indian Grass arid tallSteam Workshop
Industrial quaySteam Workshop
Inner City MetroSteam Workshop
INTERACTIVE PRISONS - Prison PackSteam Workshop
Intersection Marking Tool 1.14.4Steam Workshop
Jaguar I-Pace HSE [EV]Steam Workshop
Jeep Grand Cherokee (2013)Steam Workshop
Just ReedsSteam Workshop
KAMAZ-5460 packSteam Workshop
KIA K5 2022Steam Workshop
Laviante 2.0Steam Workshop
Laviante LutSteam Workshop
Less SteamSteam Workshop
[BROKEN] Loading Order Mod V1.15.7 [BROKEN]Steam Workshop
Loading Screen ModSteam Workshop
Longyang Road Station (Elevated Train Station Version) 龍陽路站 (高架火車站版)Steam Workshop
Luxury Parking Lot Park 1Steam Workshop
MAN Lion's City 2018 18: Polygon (Diesel)Steam Workshop
Marina TowerSteam Workshop
McCullough Bridge Archgroup1Steam Workshop
McCullough Bridge Archgroup2Steam Workshop
McCullough Bridge Archgroup3Steam Workshop
McCullough Bridge Center TrussSteam Workshop
McCullough Bridge End TrussSteam Workshop
McCullough Bridge Main TowerSteam Workshop
McCullough Memorial BridgeSteam Workshop
Medium Commercial 1Steam Workshop
Medium Office 1Steam Workshop
Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA 45 CoupéSteam Workshop
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Road Maintenance VehicleSteam Workshop
Mercedes-Benz W212 German PoliceSteam Workshop
Metro - Underground Station Track #01Steam Workshop
Metro Monorail Tram HubSteam Workshop
MINI - Zed68Steam Workshop
Mitsubishi CanterSteam Workshop
Mixed Plant ClustersSteam Workshop
Modern Moscow High-Rise Residential HouseSteam Workshop
Mods Listing (Save and load mods config)Steam Workshop
Monorail-over-Road TracksSteam Workshop
More Effective Transfer ManagerSteam Workshop
More Network StuffSteam Workshop
Mossy Grey Modular Rocks 1KSteam Workshop
Mountain 2 Medium ThickSteam Workshop
Mountain Grass 2 ThickSteam Workshop
Move ItSteam Workshop
Mustang GTSteam Workshop
Network Extensions 2Steam Workshop
Network Fences - Safety Decoration PackSteam Workshop
Network Multitool 1.4 [BETA]Steam Workshop
No AbandonmentSteam Workshop
No mod elevated station with a metro stationSteam Workshop
Node Controller Renewal 3.5Steam Workshop
Old ShipwreckSteam Workshop
One-Way Train TracksSteam Workshop
OpenAllTiles [Deprecated]Steam Workshop
Optimised Outside ConnectionsSteam Workshop
Over Road Bypass Train StationSteam Workshop
Palm Tree by pdelmoSteam Workshop
Palm Trees - 5 in 1Steam Workshop
PARC_2x4Steam Workshop
Park 2x3Steam Workshop
Park Entrance Path (2x3)Steam Workshop
Park SphereSteam Workshop
Yeouido Post TowerSteam Workshop
Westhafen LagerhalleSteam Workshop
US NAVY MH60R PS (Passenger helicopter)Steam Workshop
UPS TruckSteam Workshop
[WILL BE DEPRECATED] UnifiedUI (UUI) 2.2Steam Workshop
Toggle It!Steam Workshop
Undo It!Steam Workshop
TNT TruckSteam Workshop
Ultimate Eyecandy v1.5.2Steam Workshop
TW High-speed Train TracksSteam Workshop
TW Compound CatenarySteam Workshop
Tunnel EntrancesSteam Workshop
Park&ParkSteam Workshop
ParkifySteam Workshop
Parking 3x4Steam Workshop
Parking 3x4Steam Workshop
Parking Lot RoadsSteam Workshop
Parking Lot SnappingSteam Workshop
Passenger ferry - M/S Pernille - SundbusserneSteam Workshop
Patch Loader ModSteam Workshop
PickerSteam Workshop
Plaza (3x4)Steam Workshop
Plaza Metro StationSteam Workshop
Polygon's Train Station (2 tracks)Steam Workshop
Polygon's Train Station (4 tracks)Steam Workshop
Porsche 991 Turbo SSteam Workshop
Prefab Hook (Mod Dependency)Steam Workshop
Prop & Tree AnarchySteam Workshop
Prop Line Tool [PLT] (vAlpha)Steam Workshop
Punggol MRT Station, SingaporeSteam Workshop
Quay AnarchySteam Workshop
Rail-Over-Road Train TracksSteam Workshop
Reaper_Realistic_Final_V1Steam Workshop
Reaper_Real_Temperate_and_Boreal_V1Steam Workshop
Recycling truck closed containerSteam Workshop
Recycling truck open containerSteam Workshop
RelightSteam Workshop
Sharp TexturesSteam Workshop
Sphere SquareSteam Workshop
Resize It!Steam Workshop
Seven-eleven-truck(セブンイレブン配送トラック)Steam Workshop
Small planterSteam Workshop
Roundabout BuilderSteam Workshop
Stone quay - FencedSteam Workshop
Skip IntroSteam Workshop
Small Trees Cluster. Easy Forest!!Steam Workshop
Ship Path AnarchySteam Workshop
Small Cargo Train StationSteam Workshop
Small Parking Garage / Multi-storey Car ParkSteam Workshop
Sort Mod SettingsSteam Workshop
RNDN H-155 ASW PSSteam Workshop
RR Evoque (AD UPDATE)Steam Workshop
Shadow Strength AdjusterSteam Workshop
Shanghai Maglev Longyang Road Station (Monorail Version) 上海磁浮龍陽路站 (單軌鐵路版)Steam Workshop
Square 4Steam Workshop
Stadler KISS - Caltrain (4Cars)Steam Workshop
Stone Pine SetSteam Workshop
Stone quaySteam Workshop
Shell Oil Truck (Semi-Trailer)Steam Workshop
Spiral underground parking (large road version)Steam Workshop
Spiral underground parking (small road version)Steam Workshop
Siemens Desiro HC - bwegt (4Cars)Steam Workshop
Siemens Desiro HC - DB Regio (4Cars)Steam Workshop
Siemens S70 Houston Metrorail H1Steam Workshop
Suburban Train StationSteam Workshop
Sunday | Mass Transit DLCSteam Workshop
Super Cruise ShipSteam Workshop
Surface PainterSteam Workshop
Tree LOD FixSteam Workshop
Tree Cluster Low PolySteam Workshop
[DEPRECATED] Tree Anarchy 1.3.6Steam Workshop
Tram Station TrackSteam Workshop
train station ThorildsplanSteam Workshop
Sydney Ferries - First Fleet classSteam Workshop
Sydney Metro 4-car [Metro]Steam Workshop
Terrain Conforming Swamp GrassSteam Workshop
Theater GüterslohSteam Workshop
[Retired] Ryde - 4000 Class - 5 Car - Azure LiverySteam Workshop
S3 TowerSteam Workshop
Sandy Grey Detail RocksSteam Workshop
Sandy Grey Modular Rocks 1KSteam Workshop
Scania R Streamline, agriSteam Workshop
Scania R Streamline, oreSteam Workshop
Seahorse Islands ArchipelagoSteam Workshop
Siemens Velaro Generic (4Cars)Steam Workshop
Simple Barge Harbor (for Barges mod)Steam Workshop
Ticket Vending Machines with Touchscreen [Pack]Steam Workshop
Time-Life Building (1271 Avenue Of Americas) [RICO]Steam Workshop
TM:PE STABLE (Traffic Manager: President Edition)Steam Workshop
TotalyFree CameraSteam Workshop
Tokyo Olympic Stadium - Zaha Hadid ProjectSteam Workshop
Volkswagen Passat (B8) Sedan HighlineSteam Workshop
Volvo S60 II T6Steam Workshop
Volvo V90 InscriptionSteam Workshop
Volvo S90 R-DesignSteam Workshop