Morrowind Parasol Mushroom Trees

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Author: Maravone

Last revision: 13 Jul, 2022 at 02:29 UTC

File size: 14.3 MB

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A set of three Parasol Mushroom Trees originally for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, with size variations.
I was really in need of good giant mushrooms, so I went ahead and nabbed one of the most iconic giant mushroom in the fantasy genre, the Parasol Mushroom from Morrowind. Can be found scattered all over Vvardenfell, but its mostly found in the Ascadian Isles and Azura’s Coast regions.

These models were originally made by PeterBitt at NexusMods, and I just adapted them for Cities Skylines, reducing tri count, making custom LODs and remapping UV’s.
They’re still quite a bit hefty in the tri count, so they should probably be used sparingly.

You can find the original asset here[].
I’m sharing this with the original creator’s permission.

Technical Information

Tris: Between 3800 and 3200
Textures: 2048×1024