Japanese monuments pack (PO material included)

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Author: Ryuichi Kaminogi

Last revision: 7 Feb at 12:14 UTC

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This is a pack of stone monuments and memorials to be placed as symbols in tourist attractions and squares in Japan.

4 props, 1024×1024, LSM optimized.

1. JP Monument 1

This is to be placed in a community center in a village where a mountain has been carved out of the ground. This is a stone monument to commemorate the development of the area. It was modeled after an actual monument in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

2. JP Monument 2

This monument will be placed at the top of a mountain or a cape. This monument indicates that the view from that location is a great view certified by the local government. This monument was modeled after an actual stone monument on Ogusuyama in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

3. JP Monument 3

It can be placed anywhere, such as schools, stations, and parks. A letter written by a great man in the past became a stone monument in later times without his intention. The inscribed text is a letter from Ino Tadataka (who paraded and mapped all of Japan during the Edo period).

4. JP Monument 4

This is an unmarked stone monument produced for PO users. You can create your favorite monument or stone monument by adding any letters you like.