Light Shelter Pack 1

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Author: Endymia

Last revision: 21 Feb at 00:06 UTC

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Light Shelter Pack 1 by Endymia

Includes 3 path decorations with a high roof
Path not included
Recommended for adding shade to commercial sidewalks

Light Shelter 1×4 03 A covered walk with high roof
Light Shelter 1×8 05 A covered walk with high roof
Light Shelter 2×4 07 A benches under high roof

"Arcades—covered walkways at the edge of buildings, which are partly inside, partly outside—play a vital role in the way that people interact with buildings.
… Wherever paths run along the edge of buildings, build arcades, and use the arcades, above all, to connect up the buildings to one another, so that a person can walk from place to place under the cover of the arcades."
Pattern 119 Arcades
Alexander, Christopher (1977). A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction