TWY — Advanced Tramway Networks and Props

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Assembled by: Pewex

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Basic Information

A collection of all the networks and props that come with TWY.

TWY is a set of tram networks intended for advanced users who want to create more realistic-looking tramway networks than what the base game or any of the existing options on the workshop can offer. It’s extremely time consuming to use, and isn’t exactly perfect, by any means, but it looks much better.

The intent is to make the networks both flexible and powerful, while still being convenient to use. No lane props, etc. are provided in the networks; all props must be placed by hand as you see fit.

These networks were created for my own personal use, and I have released them for others because I thought there was no harm in sharing them. They are provided as-is. If you can’t figure out how they work, then they’re probably not intended for you.

Usage notes/things to be aware of

You must have Move It! and Fine Road Tool+Fine Road Anarchy to make full use of these tram networks. You can also use them with Traffic Manager: President Edition so the trams work with traffic lights.

Tram station tracks have some weird behaviour with pedestrian access — I’m not sure how to reproduce this issue though, because I tried to replicate it and they worked fine. Just make sure there is some way for pedestrians to reach the tram tracks; pavement paths work fine for this purpose, and I imagine that invisible pedestrian paths do too.

The sunken tracks are designed to be used with clipping networks or some other way to see the void. You can also use them in conjunction with, for example, ploppable surfaces to create all manner of different types of track. I tried to make them paintable with surface painter, unfortunately it didn’t work.

The thumbnails contain the following information:
Top and background:
These indicate what style of network it is; the top indicates the title of the style, and the background is assigned a colour (and sometimes a pattern) to make it easier to differentiate at a glance.
Indicates if it’s a single track or double track in white, and indicates station type (if any) in orange: single track station left, single track station right, double track station on both sides
Bottom left:
Indicates the gauge. Right now there are only 1520mm gauge networks, but 1000mm gauge tracks are coming soon.
Bottom right:
Indicates power supply system. Right now there are only wired and wireless networks, but in the future APS and catenary system networks may be added.

General asset info

Textures are decompressed. This leads to higher RAM usage, but causes the textures look better. With that being said, most textures (almost all) are shared, so with LSM the impact on memory shouldn’t be a huge problem.

More info about texture sharing:
All overhead wires share the same diffuse map (a 32×32 flat texture)
All rails share the same normal map, specular map, and pavement/road map
All rails share one of two diffuse maps, therefore there are two possible diffuse maps that a rail can have. All inset rails share the same diffuse map.

General info for the rails themselves (inset only):
Textures (textures/sizes) _d _n [_p OR _r] _s 128×1024 / _d 32×32
Mesh (tris) 1280 double 640 single / 256 double 128 single

Pack info

Currently in this collection, you can find:

Tramway styles / findit term
—Asphalt Inset (Wired and wireless) / twy_
—Pavement Inset (Wired and wireless) / twy-p
—Cobble Inset (Wired and wireless) / twy-c
—Gravel Sunken (Wired and wireless) / twy-gs
—Grass Sunken (Wired and wireless) / twy-rs
—Grass Inset (Wired and wireless) / twy-r
—Slab Foundation (Wired and wireless) / twy-slab
—Cobble-Asphalt (Wired and wireless) / twy-ca

Miscellaneous/Decorative networks
—Traction cable network

—Old traction network mast pack
—Decorative slabs

Possibly coming in the future
—(style) Standalone tramway
—(style) Grass with wooden sleepers
—(style) Gravel with wooden sleepers
—(style) Gravel with concrete sleepers
—(type) Narrow gauge variants
—(type) APS power system variants
—(type) Catenary power system variants
—(prop) Modern catenary pole
—(misc/deco network) "Trench" network to make it easier to integrate with vanilla roads.
—(misc/deco network) Cobble decorative network


bsquiklehausen and Badi_Dea for explaining how the grooves work in their tram tracks
Terminus discord for pushing me to actually release this and for help with asset making in general
Clus and frdm920, whose tramways I dissected in the asset editor to learn how tram network assets work
Lost Gecko for sending me his Paris cobblestone texture
Ronyx69 for making the slab and cobble-asphalt textures.
Countless other people who I can’t recall because I started this project forever ago

Follow me on twitter @JSTLF1 for updates regarding to my assets. If you would like to use the meshes for tramway in your own roads, just get in touch with me (leave a comment, message me on twitter, whatever) and I’ll gladly send you the needed files.

Version history:

2021-05-15: 1.30
+Added Cobble-Asphalt style

2021-02-06: 1.20
+Added Slab Foundation style
+Added extra slabs prop pack

2020-05-16: 1.10
+Added Grass Inset style
+Added Grass Sunken style
+Added Gravel Sunken style

2020-04-29: 1.01
*Changed half widths of all doubled networks from 4 to 8 at the request of Akruas

2020-04-28: 1.00 (Initial release)
+Added Asphalt Inset style
+Added Pavement Inset style
+Added Cobble Inset style
+Added old mast prop pack
+Added cable network