New York Hospital

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Author: Cateinum

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Hi, I’m back to CS1! I decided to start again with a tiny and simple building, but then I thought that small buildings are boring, and why not make a big one? The biggest one I can find…
So, I createed this monstrosity. It consists of 5 meshes, has more than 100K triangles and completely occupies several city blocks. It’s perfect if you want to cover a huge area.
It also has multiple levels and can be placed on a slope.

About this building

New York Hospital, aka New York Presbyterian/Weill-Cornell Hospital, aka Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center was built in 1925 (1930?), the original plan was designed by Coolidge, Shepley, Bulfinch & Abbott (successor firm to Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge). The architects took as their inspiration the massive 14th-century Palace of the Popes in Avignon, France, a varying series of walls, but adapted those forms into a sun-filled medical retreat.
It was rebuilt and reconstructed multiple times, but I tried to stick to the original look as much as possible.

Asset info

100+ tris, 2K texture, 5 submeshes, color map included
All textures are shared, so technically there is only one texture, not 5.
I included two version of this asset:
– One single piece building with all wings.
– Separated main building and two wings for detailers. One wing is a child care center and another is a university.

There is also a supplementary power plant asset that can be used in conjunction with this facility.

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