Tram: VGF M-Wagen Orange

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Author: Hades Moon

Last revision: 29 Jan, 2020 at 18:17 UTC

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DÜWAG’s "Einheitswagen", or standardized cars, first entered service at the height of the economic miracle in the mid-1950s and soon became THE stereotypical streetcar in West Germany for many decades to come. They were among Germany’s first mass-produced articulated trams, and set a new standard in comfort, style and efficiency. Visually, their design was influenced heavily by the American PCC car, and countless versions were developed for dozens of cities large and small, all across the country.

One of those cities was Frankfurt, where the six and eight-axeled Düwags were designated the M and N type, respectively.

This mod contains the DÜWAG GT6 (aka M-Wagen) in its 1970’s cream/orange livery as a tram.


This train has doors on the right hand side only. Cims can get on/off from the left side, it will look glitchy though.


whole train:
Vmax: 70 km/h
Capacity: 100 pax
Tris: 3785 (LOD: 90)
Textures: 2048×1024 DISC

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