Over Road Elevated Metro Station

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Author: gaelvxuo

Last revision: 21 Jan at 20:56 UTC

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A vanilla-looking Elevated Metro Station that can be placed over any road.

This asset is inspired by Metro Over Road Elevated Station by Coldrifting. I just made an alternative version that works as the original author intended.
Also, if you’re not subscribed yet, I highly recommend using the Metro Over Road Tracks by Coldrifting to build metro tracks over your roads.


The station can be placed the same way as the Coldrifting one. Remember not to use Move It to place it to avoid breaking the pedestrian paths. Also, I recommend you to place it over a 32m-16m roads cross intersection just like in the explanatory GIF:

  1. Downgrade the 32m wide road to a 16m wide road (just the closest segments to the intersection)
  2. Place a guide parallel 16m wide road 1u (one grid square) away from the main road.
  3. Delete the downgraded segments of the main road and the closest segment of the opposite perpendicular 16m wide roads from where the guide road was placed.
  4. Place the vanilla Elevated Metro Station just over where the 32m-16m intersection is and build Metro Over Road Tracks at both sides of the station (you can use the vanilla elevated ones for this, but you will need to replace them before building back your roads; otherwise, you will not be able to rebuild them)
  5. Bulldoze the vanilla station.
  6. Using the elevated metro tracks as guides, place the Over Road Elevated Metro station where the vanilla one was built.
  7. Rebuild your roads.

  • Just as a visual detail, if the station is placed over a road with a reduced median (like the 6-lane road) or without a median at all, you will see cars clipping through the pillars when transiting through the most left (or right if you’re "left-hand traffic") lane.
  • FOR THE CREATOR OF THE ORIGINAL ASSET: Tell me if you don’t like this post, and I will delete it. No problemo 🙂