mizuki-city-pack vol.24 (JPTS)

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Author: 001HANNO

Last revision: 23 Dec, 2023 at 10:37 UTC

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mizuki-pack_24 (JPTS) by 001HANNO

This asset (prop) is a collection of signs used in Japan’s fictional city "Mizuki City" that appears in Ryuichi Kaminogi’s YouTube video series "Mizuki City Live".

It is created according to each road and facility in Mizuki City, so if you want to change the characters such as signs, please modify it with Procedural Objects etc. as appropriate.

The "dress-up props" that are used by covering existing assets are sized to fit the assets created by the authors such as Mr. Kaminogi, so they are the assets that form the basis of synthesis. Please also refer to the archive of "Mizuki City Live" distribution.


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■ Notice
I cannot accept the request to create it due to my ability and time constraints. In addition, we cannot support languages other than Japanese.