Tokyo Interchanges

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Assembled by: Nagoya

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Interchanges from across the grand city of Tokyo!

Thank you for checking out my interchanges! I’m new to building these and doing it semi well so if there are an issues please let me know and ill try to get them fixed.
Plan to make some more of these, maybe even expand out to other cities and see what they have to offer. If there are any specific ones you know about and would love to have in game in your city building adventure, let me know, I might try to recreate it.

The linked collection is a required asset for these highways.

There are a lot of nodes with supporting structures that cut through the lower lane of any lane over lane construction. You can use Move It! to delete these. Keep in mind this now leaves a floating highway. There are assets for outside dual support or I recommend using Procedural Objects to create your own out of the existing ones.

Move It!, Network Anarchy, Network Multitool and Node Controller are 4 wonderful mods that helped make these and I also recommend to use if anythings mess up if you rework the lanes.

Thanks all and I hope you enjoy!