Calgary Siemens S200 (Tram)

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Author: JSF-1

Last revision: 10 Jun, 2022 at 22:00 UTC

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This is a remake of my old Calgary S200 trains with new textures, model and can now be used as a Tram. The train version is still available and will be updated at a later date.

The Siemens S200 Series are high-floor Light Rail Vehicles built by Siemens and used in Calgary Alberta, and San Francisco California. This asset is based off of the model used in Calgary, which were purchased in 2013 and first delivered in 2016. These trains being upgrades from the SD-160 series feature heated floors and triple pane glass on account of Calgary’s cold winters. These trains would also be designed with sloped entry ways to eliminate the need for accessibility ramps, and dynamic interior LED lighting. Unlike their counterparts in San Francisco these trains are strictly high-floor.

These are high-floor vehicles so they are best used on dedicated LRT lines and not regular tram routes.

This asset comes with 3 different lengths of train:
CT Siemens S200 (2Car) (246 Passengers)
CT Siemens S200 (4Car) (492 Passengers)
CT Siemens S200 (6Car) (738 Passengers)

You can use the Reversible AI with these trains although they do not light up in the reverse direction as I don’t know how to make them do that.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Cities: Skylines - Snowfall