Funicular Station Tracks

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First Funiculars of Cities Skylines


This is a new road type developed on train network; funiculars. I was long time planning to develop funiculars but with road editor it was much more easier. Refer "Funicular Track" asset for any discussion.

Technical Details

  • Custom made funicular network.
  • Maximum operation speed: same as default train tracks.
  • 1/3 construction price
  • Real life gauge width; 1m that is general in funiculars.
  • 3rd rail for extra traction; ABT cog rails.
  • Custom ground, elevated and bridge segments.

Side Notes

There is a downvote fairy in workshop, who is downvoting every vehicle asset that gets released not done by him. If you like this model, make sure to upvote it.

I also urge you to read my Q&A thread.

Legacy Tracks

It is possible that, from update to update your gamesave might go broken. In that case, unsub these tracks, use offline assets provided below, load your game delete your tracks and resub this one again.

Legacy Tracks V1.0 / Initial Release:
Legacy Tracks V2.0 / Update:

Keywords for Workshop research: Funicular, train, ABT, cog railway, narrow gauge, stoosbahn

Required items:

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