taxi stand 4×1 blank

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Author: SvenBerlin

Last revision: 5 Nov, 2019 at 15:53 UTC

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taxi stand 4×1 blank by SvenBerlin

this is a taxistand with only the concrete ground texture from game.

There will wait up to 5 taxis in a row.

You can decorate it with your own taxi stand signs and with whatever you like.

If somebody from the modding specialists can create a script to set the count of taxis who will wait there. And also would be cool to set the area of the taxis who will wait.

I made also a 1×1 taxi stand but the taxis are using the full 4×1 area. I want a 1×1 cell where only one taxi will wait only in the area of this 1×1 cell.


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Cities: Skylines - After Dark