Kit Homes – Sears – The Hollywood

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Author: Bungalow Man

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Charmingly Original

The charm and homelike aspect of this bungalow will appeal to you. It has received honorable mention in leading magazines. The arrangement of the rooms conforms to the approved bungalow style.

Of course, you may immediately notice that this asset looks very little like the Hollywood pictured prominently in the catalog image. Ah, but look closely at the small image on the lower right hand side of the page, and you shall see where I drew my inspiration. The Hollywood is unique within the Sears portfolio for having two elevations that are so different. The alternate elevation that I’ve modeled here actually appeared several years after Sears began offering the original Hollywood, yet most examples that exist (or at least have been found) are of this elevation. The reason I didn’t model the original is quite complicated. It was actually not a Sears original design (which may belong to the Los Angeles Investment Company, or Jud Yoho architect), and the image shown in the Sears catalog is actually of a pre-Sears house, and has elements like the bump out and front door design never offered by Sears. Ultimately, I do plan to model the other elevation, but as the original design, which has a different floor plan and window placement in addition to the elements I already mentioned. Stay tuned for it in the future!

This represents the first entry into my second set of Sears Modern Homes. For more variety, be sure to check my workshop to pick up the houses from the first set if you haven’t already.

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Level 4 growable (2 tile wide lot) There are no lot variations included, but there are four roof color variations included for additional variety.

Tris: 2422.
Textures: 1024 x 1024
_a, _c, _d, _i, _n,_ s

Custom LOD:
Tris: 89
Textures: 128 x 128
_c, _d, _i

Model and textures by Bungalow Man, not to be re-uploaded to the workshop in any form without permission.