Douglas Fir Clusters

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Author: Greyflame

Last revision: 1 May at 01:42 UTC

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The Tree

Douglas Firs (Pseudotsuga Menziesii) are tall, slender conifers native to the American West and cultivated worldwide. These adaptable pioneer trees take root in a variety of biomes. They serve as the backbone of ecosystems and logging industries alike.

The diversity of Dougs allows them to resemble a variety of other tree species, resulting in several confusing names. Indeed, Douglas Firs aren’t true firs, but rather a unique member of the pine family.


This is the final entry in the Douglas Fir family for the time being. These are forest clusters containing several trees each, and they’re ideal for making large forests. They improve performance by reducing the number of entities on screen and they dramatically reduce the total number of trees you need to use. Nevertheless, each individual tree in the cluster is still "fully detailed", making them pretty up close but a GPU hug in large numbers. If you’re trying to maximize performance, I recommend checking out my recently released "Low Poly Douglas Firs", which also includes clusters.


– All 12 assets in the pack share two 1k x 2k texture sets. The Loading Screen Mod should eliminate the vast majority of functional RAM requirement for this pack. These textures are shared with the other Douglas Firs I’ve made.

– Tri counts are very high per asset; but about average "per meter covered". It’s comparable to using a larger number of individual trees.

– I did NOT alter tree sway on these assets. Based on my experience with the previous packs, I now recommend using the Tree Movement Control mod to reduce sway, which can eliminate sway on LODs as well, and doubles for random tree rotation.

Tree LOD Fix is critical as always.