Chirpy-chan Beach Day Props

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Author: stockjr97

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More wholesome content. Warning: Mildly NSFW.

Spruce up you beaches with this set of beach props featuring Chirpy-chan!

This set includes:
5 standing poses
3 lounging poses
1 floating bikini top
Bonus: 1 hot spring pose

3700~4000 tris (LOD: ~1000 tris)
1024×1024 textures (LOD: 64×64)

Useful notes:
The floating bikini top is actually a floating building, not a prop. This is to avoid needing the After Dark DLC for a floating prop.
Normally, the props can be found in the props menu under common > accessories. The bikini top asset can be found in the parks menu. Use the Find It! mod to find and place them in-game. Just type "Chirpy-chan."
The "bare" prop is best used near the shoreline.
The "hot spring" pose is best used in non-moving water.
Be sure to read the descriptions for each asset.

Other props used in the screenshots:
Waya’s JP-QingdaoBeach-RentalStore props
Niis-ku’s Pond prop

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