Ryde Smart way to Travel Billboard

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Authors: Blue Thunder, Chamëleon

Last revision: 9 Mar at 09:17 UTC

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Ryde Advertising – Smart way to Travel Billboard

Ryde is a fictional transport company designed to create a generic brand across all of the transport options in the game.
Ryde Advertising is the department in charge of branding across the Ryde network

This is an avertising sign themed around Ryde company to enhance your cities.

Whats Included?

Ryde Smart way to Travel Billboard by Chamëleon

This one is based on Pewex’s asset – thanks you allowed me to retexture it.

Some notes

– sign share the same texture with others i’ve created to reduce RAM when using the Loading Screen Mod
– use Find It mod to place this sign
– use Procedural Objects mod to resize sign if needed

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