Ryde Building Signage – International Airport

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Authors: Nochin98, Blue Thunder

Last revision: 3 Apr at 01:38 UTC

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Ryde Advertising – Building Signage

Ryde is a fictional transport company designed to create a generic brand across all of the transport options in the game.

Ryde Advertising is the department in charge of branding across the Ryde network

This pack is a series of signs you can use to ensure your cims know where they are within your vast Ryde-themed transportation network!

Whats Included?

The following signs are in this pack:

– 2D Short road sign
– 2D Tall road sign
– 2D Tall road sign w/LED billboard
– 3D Wall sign

Some Notes

– signs in this pack all share the same textures to reduce RAM when using the Loading Screen Mod
– use Find It 2 mod to place these signs
– use Procedural Objects mod to resize signs if needed, or to put some custom text on the LED billboard sign
– the logos have an illumination texture so they glow slightly at night

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