Franklin Hospital

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Author: Keith3201

Last revision: 12 Feb at 03:58 UTC

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This Hospital is a good alternative to the smaller default one if you have a very densely populated city. It is 552 feet tall with 46 floors. It is an entirely unique building with no real-world or in-game equivalent.

The main model has 3,462 tris with 1024×1024 diffuse, specular, alpha, normal, and illumination textures.
The lod has 149 tris with 512×512 diffuse, specular, normal, and illumination textures.

Can help me by sharing I will use this discord server. I am guaranteed to reply to things here. could choose to support me through here although I don’t currently have any "rewards" atm. All I have made is public so far. As of now I have no supporters.

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