Citylink Genesis Intercity Modern Passenger Train

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Author: bsquiklehausen

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For the America you can’t see anywhere else

The Citylink Genesis Intercity train is based off of passenger trains seen in the Eastern United States, on routes too short for sleeping cars, but long enough to require long-distance coaches and a baggage car. This train features a P42 Genesis locomotive with Viewliner and "Cityfleet" cars, modeled and created specifically for Cities: Skylines!

  • Realistically modeled locomotive and cars from real blueprints and plan drawings
  • Auto-reversing locomotive makes sure the train will never go backwards!
  • Custom sound effects, including accurate horn and engine sounds
  • Custom lighting effects including headlights, marker lights, and flashing ditch lights
  • Coach and Cafe cars each with prototype-specific model and texture details
  • 6 car train slightly overhangs vanilla stations. Be aware when planning!
  • Realistic capacity based on values for Amtrak Amfleet II cars

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Model Stats

Locomotive: 5,999 tris / 1024px textures | LOD: 142 tris / 128px textures
Baggage Car: 6,336 tris / 1024px textures | LOD: 94 tris / 128px textures
Lounge Car: 6,236 tris / 1024px textures (Shared with Coach)| LOD: 104 tris / 128px textures
Coach: 6,079 tris / 1024px textures (Shared with Lounge Car)| LOD: 104 tris / 128px textures

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Special Thanks

Delta 2k5 for Vehicle Effects
Pres for screenshots
Nash Gallo for sound effects