Dingbat Prop Pack

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Author: savetheclocktower

Last revision: 10 Sep at 16:14 UTC

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Several props that I needed for the Dingbat Apartments Pack and which I couldn’t find versions of on the workshop.

One of them is a simple mailbox for small apartment complexes. The other two are lamps in different mid-century styles.

The various ornaments[www.google.com] that adorn the fronts of “dingbat” apartments are mainly in the “Googie” style[en.wikipedia.org] — orbs and other funky shapes that evoke the space age. The one in this pack is among the tamer examples of the form; I might make some wackier ones in the future.

The second lamp is more mundane, but also looks right at home on certain houses of the mid-century era.

The lamps use Custom Effect Loader to define lighting effects; this mod is recommended, but optional. The props will work just fine without the mod — they just won’t throw any light at night.

Technical Info

These three props share a single 1024×1024 texture (a bit big, I know). Loading Screen Mod is strongly recommended for more efficient memory usage. LOD textures are 32×32.

Tris (main)
Tris (LOD)

Dingbat Prop Googie Lamp 1

Dingbat Prop Square Lamp 1

Dingbat Prop Mailbox

Required items:

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