Metro Station

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Author: Populous

Last revision: 3 Nov, 2020 at 19:06 UTC

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Metro Station by Populous

A small footprint, well lit and nice looking metro. Bench seats with markers set for Cims to use them.

Welcome to your new favorite Metro!

– Construction cost: 12’000
– Maintenance cost: 1200
– Electricity Consumption: 25
– Noise: 30

NOTE: using Move-It will remove underground stairs as it does with all small Assets.

– Tris: 2 382
– Texture size: 1 024 x 1 024
– Textures: Diffusion, Specular, Illumination, Normal

– Tris: 172
– Texture size: 128 x 128
– Textures: Diffusion, Specular, Illumination

Yes, thumbnail is included for easy identification on your menu.

The model used to build this asset was created by sonik52 and licensed in accordance with law: