Cyberpunk Elementary

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Author: indapni

Last revision: 21 Mar, 2021 at 19:51 UTC

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Kids of the future need education for the future. Higher education for higher being.
Cyborgs needs are different from the average human, and this school has the ability to teach at a higher capacity for your larger capacity brain.. or hdd!

This one’s more sci-fi but has certain cyberpunk aspects, also built for a transition into my more urban areas from my googie suburbs so this specific look is going to blend real well there, and top off a feel I’m going for.

Just another addition to my Cyberpunk/Futuristic Assets.
A few made, and many more to come.
You can get those in

My Workshop

Main: 1024
Lod: 128

Main: 4497
Lod: 146

All textures used are baked to lod. No alpha textures.
I custom made all textures except the doors which are patchwork, and made my normal, bump and lighting maps very meticulously. I also provided some colour change which helps to brighten and identify the building.
I might have gone a little hard on the roof textures, but it looks fine ultimately.

For those of you that like this, enjoy!

If you’ve read this far BIG THANKS and stay tuned! I will be creating more assets!

I’ve been working tirelessly, to release a style pack and have made plenty of assets in just the past couple months.
That being said there are other artists on this platform fully deserving of any prospective donations before my cause as I’ve only just taken my kick at the can and they’ve been at it for years in cases.
Since December however, I’ve come from envying those who owned this game, to creating content. And regardless of money, I plan on continued development of assets long into the future. Takes time, and this may be a cry into the wind, but if you feel so inclined and have already considered other people, head on over and check out

My Patreon

Just started it up, and there will be plenty of content release in the future for both patrons(exclusively) and general CS players.

Cyberpunk Elementary by indapni

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